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Useful Phone #'s

For Emergencies

James Wistinghausen
President of GCFFA

Galveston County Sheriff Office
(409) 766-2300

Allison Little

Meeting Places

June 3
Tiki Island VFD

July 8
LaMarque Fire Dept

August 5
Texas City Fire Dept

September 2
League City VFD

October 7
High Island VFD

November 4
Jamaica Beach VFD

December 2
Crystal Beach VFD

GCFFA Monthly Meeting

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Tiki Island VFD

Prayers needed for our Brother Robby Isaacs, who lost his wife Katherine Isaacs, on Friday, May 7, 2021.  
Katherine was a valued member of the High Island VFD for approximately 20 years and was the Treasurer/Secretary for many of these years.  She was an ECA and ran plenty of calls in the department.  She will definitely be missed.

Services are through Broussard's Funeral Home.  
Please say prayers for this family!

Message from the President

Happy New Year Everyone!  Now that 2020 is over, it is time to look ahead for a better 2021 year.  

COVID-19 rocked our world.  March 17, 2020 our country was completely shut down, except for all of the First Responders and Firefighters and other essential workers.  Our lives as volunteers and career firemen were forever changed.  New PPE, new restrictions, new precautions, new airborne infections, masks, quarentines, etc.....  Life changed forever.  But we conform and we continue to serve our communities.  Great job Galveston County Fire Departments.....We are awesome!

Annual Calls:
The County had a very busy year which reflects in our numbers.  Our County Volunteers responded to a total of 8,531 calls both in district and mutual aid calls.  That is impressive for Volunteers!!!  Thank you to each person who gives their time to their fire departments.

Hurricane Season:
WOW.  What a historic season!!  The brutal 2020 Atlantic hurricane season has officially ended, after generating an extraordinary 30 named storms (highest on record), 13 hurricanes (second highest on record), and six major hurricanes (tied for second highest on record).  We were all quite busy during this time and luckily there was not an "IKE" repeat in our mix.  Stay Prepared for 2021.

New Beginnings:
2021 is here and we all conform to the "NEW" normal, whatever that looks like.  In our business, there really is NOT a normal.  We just keep helping others anyway we can.  We train, we study, we respond, and continue serving others.  Be proud to be a Galveston County Firefighter!  

Special thank you to our County Emergency Management group that continues to keep us informed of upcoming challenges and for assisting with COVID-19 issues.  COVID testing for our responders, hand sanitizers and masks when they were sold out, and now vaccinations for our responders, were all possible with your help.  We continue to be successful with your support.

We have had some health issues within our organization that really needed the brotherhood to step up and help.  Tommy Anderson had a major injury, Chief Butch Edwards lost his wife, Our VFIS rep, Tom VanWyngarden passed away, our County Commissioner, Ken Clark is fighting an illness.  Throughout the Association, there are probably more that needed us, and I know we were there for them.  That is what we do.  Again, thanks for your caring spirits in the harsh world we live in.  

I look forward to leading us into this new year, and I hope that we, together, will continue to grow and support one another! Keep on praying my brothers and sisters!
James Wistinghausen
President, GCFFA
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak

Symptoms* of COVID-19

Patients with COVID-19 have reportedly had mild to severe respiratory illness with symptoms of:

* Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure.
If you have been in China within the past 14 days, been exposed to a sick traveler from China, or been exposed to a person with COVID-19, call your doctor.

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